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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Coach Rugby Bleeker RM 888

The Coach 13362 Signature Rugby Duffle Khaki Hand Bag is from the spring 2009 release of Coach Designer bags.
• MSRP = $298
* Hehehehehe Cash RM 777 ya....
• Signature ”C” design in khaki jacquard fabric
• Tan leather handles can be doubled or single for shoulder length, 4 adjustment holes on each end
• Buckle detail
• Zippered closure with leather pull tab
• Additional zippered pocket on front of bag with leather pull tab
• Oversized Coach Leather Hangtag
• Signature Jacquard with Gold (tan) Sateen Stripe (Coach calls it gold, I call it tan.)
• Care Instructions card
• Original Coach price tag
• Dimensions are approximately 10.5” tall in middle, 13” wide at top, bottom is 8.5" x 5” oval
* Status: Telah dirisik oleh wawa.jungsang ;) thanks dear...